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    Jungle swarms and "Serpent Host"

    I realize that jungle swarms just aren't that great from a min/max effectiveness point of view. I was curious if, however, they could make themselves useful (and fun) in numbers.

    I thought it might be a fun thematic army to run a "Serpent Host" type list.

    Something along the lines of:

    2x LM units for core and give some RnF to the list

    (EOTG+Chief on Steg) or (Slann w/TG) for magic and hitty goodness

    Some Sallies and/or Razordons continuing the 'serpent' theme as well as shooting.

    Fill the rest with jungle swarms, say 400-500 points at least (assuming @2000-2250 point army. Heck, I'd try to fit in more rather than less swarms with more points). This will give 8+ swarms, which can be either put into units of 2x or 1x, depending. I'd try to keep an even number of them, and run them in pairs regardless. Obviously, the big weakness for swarms are high-armor troops, hence the sallies/stegs/magic and heroes would need to prioritize those.

    Would it be fun and interesting to play and to play against? After the fun factor, while not being an optimized army, does it have the potential to pose at least some challenge to most opponents? I'm not talking in tournaments with hard lists, but friendly games and maybe tournaments favoring/restricting to friendly lists.

    I'd like others' thoughts on fun factor (primarily) and friendly competitiveness. It seems like a fun theme (a large swarm of snakes and serpents preceding a small core force), but I know that 'seems' does not always equal 'does'.


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    Why dont you try it and let us know how it goes.

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