how viable is a CoC heavy lizards army? - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    how viable is a CoC heavy lizards army?

    Name says it all, I am just getting in to WFB this edition and want to start a Lizardmen army. In previous editions I have played Skaven and Dwarfs, so I am a little out of my element with this army.

    My grand scheme is to take two units of 12 CoC with full command and maybe a magic banner each? and to have those along side an Old Blood on Carnosaur with something like the +2 attack sword and some kind of armor to give him a decent armor/ward save (seems so nasty! dealing 7 str 5 attacks from one man and then all the wounds from the carno, how has this sort of lord faired for others?)

    In my head it seems like alot of points... which it is... but at the same time I feel like those fast moving flankers combined with two thick blocks of Saurus would be pretty tough.

    Please hit me with some advice I am new to the cold blooded ways... Also I apologize for not having the specific names for the items stated/suggested above, I am away from my army book at the moment.


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    Unfortunately in my experience a half decent chaos lord will cut the Old blood into various geometrical shapes before you can finish asking how many attacks your opponent gets and the skaven have the annoying habit of making him go puff!
    I think if you are playing these army's he costs to much while against dwarfs with I same or worse he fairs better.... just as long as he dosent get cannon nuked first. Slann fan myself, Always the good choice all rounder. 20 or even dare I say 30 temple guard all lore of lighted up and with a slann in them will devour all in its way.

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