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    Salamander question...

    I was playing a game against a friend of mine, his unit of Grave Guard was in combat against some Saurus Warriors. To the immediate flank (1" to the side, just to give an idea of how close they were) of the GG unit was a small unit of ghouls awaiting my opponents turn to charge into my flank. I had moved my salamanders to their side, staying at exactly 1" away.

    Now, my shooting phase came and I targetted the purposely and planned to over shoot. All three shots rolled 6+, effectively crossing over into the GG unit. My opponent said I couldn't do this, seeing as the rules state I cannot shoot into combat. However, it does say that some template weapons "accidentally" land in combat below it. I also argued that I can't shoot at my own units, but if a unit of mine just so happened to be in the over shot of the salamanders, they'd get wounded. So we agreed for the game that would work.

    A couple turns later, using this to my advantage, another combat between Skeletons and Saurus was happening next to a hill. On top of the hill was a unit of Black Knights. Moving my salamanders and knowing fully that the knights were clearly out of range, I targetted them anyways and once again landed flame templates into combat, toasting 20-30 skeletons.

    Here's my reasoning
    1 - Salamander shooting is random distance, there's no way you can permanently judge the distance.
    2 - Salamanders target the unit, even if it lies well out of their range, and anything underneath is hit.

    If any of you were in this situation, how would any of you handled this? And is this completely legal?

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    1 i see you GOOD tactic but if there are out of 10'' + a flame template then you may not shoot and if you accidentally hit a unit in combat then they are hit and thats its no panik test's are maked on that unit becose its in hand to hand combat

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    Number 1 was fine. Number 2 was illegal. You can't target something you have no way of hitting.

    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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