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    Tactics/Advice vs. WC

    I've been out of touch with WC for a while - what are most people taking in competitive WC lists now? My typical 2400 list is built around a Slann, L1 priest, large blocks of saurus/temple guard, and at least two sallys.

    What kind of modifications should I be prepared for against WC? Even with Light spells, I doubt getting stuck in combat against WC is a good idea. Is it even worth taking fighty oldbloods/scar vets since I imagine they will get sliced up by WC heroes.

    Or...do I switch it up and go double oldblood with a couple L1s with scroll/diadem or feedback scroll.

    What are the best lizardmen units to take out hellcannons?

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    VS WoC

    Chaos Warriors - if they know they are going up against LM they will have these as Nurgle so we are hitting them on 5's

    Chosen - Use any magic you can to get these guys down before they get in combat. Metal Works Wonders

    Knights - they will tear thru alot, try to get them with magic

    Hellcannon - AS of 4 with no Ws I would go after them with Cham Skinks after the Dwarfs are dead it becomes an unbreakable MONSTER!! so run away from it until a stand and shoot will kill it.

    Magic - they have 3rd eye/magic puppet and some pretty nasty stuff, only thing that could wipe you out thou is Gateway - Mot/ or Shadow Spells

    Marauders - not really an issue, after the 1st round of combat, more then likely they will take flails so.

    So to sum it up, close combat units should take Halbreds/GW's

    You need to get the Hellcannon locked down, remember it is a Large Target.

    Magic - I would take Life/Metal Our magic owns theirs so just bomb them with dwellers below/and the crazy Metal spell

    Good Luck

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    I know you don't use it but if you were to,
    A skink priest on an EOTG works well against small units of knights, usually 5, in 7th edition equipping one with the wardrums of xahutec allowed for the EOTG to easily get around knights then burn them with the burning alignment, in 8th its not so necessary but a good item to have if you don't want the risk factor, or if your feeling risky charge them for the impact hits then use burning alignment in the magic phase. The EOTG is also good for chipping models off warriors or chosen units given that any immediate threat like the hellcannon is no longer a problem.

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