I know that a Lizardmen 8th Edition Army book release isn't even remotely on the horizon (maybe in 2014?), but I figure it is never too early for us Lizardmen Generals to start thinking about our wishlist for our next Army Book. So, below are the changes/additions I am hoping to see in an 8th Edition Army Book. Let me know yours.

Kroxigor Strength 5: The Krox are described as being the heavy lifters of Lizardmen society who do most of the work building the Temples and are able to tear a man in half. But at Strength 4, the same as a Saurus, I just don't see that happening. Give 'em Strength 5 with Great Weapons and bump their model cost up a bit.

Stegadon with a Split Profile: Templates hitting any part of the base of the Steg get to roll to wound the monster and all riders. It is ridiculous that a cannon ball bounces around the howda and hits everybody. Change them to a split profile, like a chariot and the new Sphinx for TK and make it so that the only time a template hits a rider is when it is taken as a character mount. To offset the loss of wounds from the skinks the Steg could be bumped up to 6 wounds.

The Coatl: The feather winged serpent is in the fluff and in the art (page 5 of the army book) but we have yet to get rules or a model for it. To coincide with the release of the army book, I would love to see a Coatl model that could be taken as a Skink Priest (or maybe a new Lord level skink priest) mount. It shouldn't have the combat prowess of a dragon, but should have some kind of innate magical ability like the Engine of the Gods. Of course flying and scaly skin should be there and maybe the ability to swallow whole while forgoing normal attacks.

Lore of the Old Ones: Rumors have it that each army with get at least one Lore just to themselves with 8th. Hopefully that is true. The Slann are the best normal character casters in the game but they should have their own lore of magic to go with it. Skink Priests should get their own lore as well (maybe Lore of Sotek?) as an option other than Heavens.

Spears Are Free: With the change in the parry rule and supporting attacks, spears have become a less attractive choice. When you take them you get two disadvantages (loss of the situational parry save and an additional point per model) for one advantage (situational additional attacks). To offset this, spears should just be free.

Fix the Initiative: Lizardmen are supposed to have poor initiative - it is part of the Cold Blooded rule. But I1 on our core is just terrible when there are ways to put "pass a characteristic test or die" templates on them. I3 would still make us attack after most other units. Or give us normal initiative but a special rule that puts lizards as attacking in-between I1 and Always Strikes Last. I am sick of losing a third of my army to spells that practically say "Use this to own Lizardmen" in their subtext and I just cant imagine it was intended that way when the army book was written.

Decent Named Characters: Needs no real explanation. Most of our named characters are too expensive or the 8th ed. rules have made them terrible.

An Offensive Elite Infantry Unit: Saurus are great core. Temple Guard are a fantastic anvil, but fall short of an offensive hammer due to their lack of an offensive ability. We need an offensive elite unit. Sure we have Stegs and Kroxigor but they just don't seem to fit the bill in 8th. It could be a special choice glass hammer unit of Savage Skinks with frenzy, additional hand weapons, armor piercing and poison attacks (that works in CC). Or a special choice unit of Savage Saurus with frenzy and additional hand weapons. Or an elite figting force of Saurus with Killing blow. C'mon GW, it could be new models for you to sell to us. We know you like $$.