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    Salamanders, Buildings and Line of Sight

    I was playing in a game last night and we ran into an issue with my opponent, a Lizardmen player. He wanted to shoot his flaming attack at a unit that was adjacent to and mostly hidden by a building. According to his logic as long as he can see one figure of the unit he can hit the whole unit with his template (he made some comment about the flame arching over the building to land behind it on the unit).

    To my mind it seems he could only hit the figures he had line of sight to as the building would be in the way.

    Can anyone help with this one? Please indicate where in the rules it says this. He is going to want to see it in black and white.


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    he would be able to hit more as long as it landed in range as the template is placed thin end closest to firer fat end so that it is no closer than thin end.

    so as long as the rest of the unit the models behind the building are actually no closer than the ones he can see then yes he can hit them think of of it as the wind blowing and causing a rap
    around effect. but If the unit was inside the building it would hit a maximum 6 as it would be D6 hits.

    hope this helps

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