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Thread: Ogres!

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    Has anyone had a chance to play against the new ogres yet? I have a game coming up on Tuesday and I was interested in any advice that's particularly effective against them. (managed to beat them twice before under their old book, but to be honest it was mostly luck!)

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    I played against my buddies the day after the new models came out =). I'm not really sure if his list is competitive or not, he had 2 of the new mammoths in there, 1 I believe was Stonehorn. I did play them with my WoC army, but I can tell you what I learned about them so far. If your going to be playing against there new mournfang cavalry, they hit like a ton of bricks. Chariot style impact hits, stomp, pretty decent armor, and toughness. Watch out for these, the mournfang have 3 or 4 attacks each. The knew ogre charge ability works from any charge range now, it's way better than bull charge from the old book, be prepared for those as well. I also know that something in his army was able to steal my talisman of preservation haha, I'm sorry I'm not completely familiar with all the names yet. The Stonehorn has the devistating charge special rule, which I believe is an option for the mournfang cavalry as well. This charge lives up to it's name. The new skytitan cannon is pretty good as well. Overall I found shadow magic to work really well against them. Miasma + Pit of shades combo worked wonders for me. Reducing there T really helped me break them down pretty easy. That's all I can really remember right now.

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