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    New to Lizardmen

    Hi all, looking to get back into Warhammer and I've always liked the ol Lizardmen and as such have decided to build a Lizardmen army.
    Now the last time I played a game was about 5 years ago and was 40K so I know jack all about fantasy (remember a few things) so Im starting small with
    a 750 point force. Currently looking at

    Skink Priest
    Lvl 2,Plaque of Tepok, Glyph Necklace. (145)

    20 Saurus Warriors
    Full Command, Spears (270)

    10 Skinks
    Full Command, Kroxigor (122)

    2 Salamanders
    2 Additional Handlers (160)
    Total only 697, not sure what to do with the rest of the points.

    Lastly what advantages do hand weapons have over spears (besides points).

    Thanks in advance, CJ

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    Welcome back to fantasy! The hand weapon/shield combo gives you fewer attacks than the spears would, but you get a 6+ parry save(in the form of a ward save) which can only be used in close combat as a trade off. With the spears you get an extra rank of attacks, so the first rank attacks as normal, then the second rank does it's supporting attacks, and finally the third rank does a set of attacks, because of the spears. They both have there benefits, and are both good to take, it's whichever you prefer.

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