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    Thinking of coming back to Fantasy.

    Ok it's been a year since I last playes FB. In fact my local stored closed down and the majority of the stores around me do not have tournies for Fantasy.
    But I really like WF and I am thinking of starting again somehow.So I was thinking what models should I buy in order to make a competitive list?
    I deeply apreciate your help.

    This is the models I own:

    2 Slanns
    1 Oldblood with a Carnosaur
    1 Oldblood/Scar Veteran
    1 Skink Priest
    20 Temple Guards
    48 Saurus Warriors w/HWS
    50 saurus Warriors w/Spears
    10 Skinks w/blowpipes
    21 Chameleon Skinks
    8 Cold One Cavalary
    2 Salamanders
    1 Stegadon w/EngineOTG


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    The only thing i can see you needing for competative 2000pts is another 2 slamanders.

    off the top of my head you want to run;

    Slann BSB,
    Lore: Life
    disciplins of :+1 dice per cast, knows all spells from lore, (maybe a third disciplin if you have points left over that gets rid of enemy wizrds 6s when casting)
    Magic items :Cupped Hands

    Run him in a block of 25ish Temple Guard with FC

    2 x 30 Saurus HW&S FC

    1-2 units 10 chameleon skinks or 1 unit and a uint of normal skinks to go monster hunting

    2 x 2 slamanders with extra handlers if you have points.

    Should be around 2000pts.

    Bit boring but a solid list for the most parts.

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