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    OK, I'm still pretty new, but I'm about to try my first battle that will be non-"secret deployment." We'll be using the random scenario generator from the main rulebook, which means it'll be either a Pitched Battle, Meeting Engagement, Breakthrough, Capture, or Flank Attack game. Here's My list:

    1 Saurus Scar-Veteran @ 129 Pts
    General; Light Armour; Shield; Quetzl
    Sword of Hornet [25]

    1 Saurus Scar-Veteran @ 133 Pts
    Great Weapon; Light Armour; Shield; Sotek
    Charm of the Jaguar Warrior [20]

    1 Saurus Scar-Veteran @ 200 Pts
    Light Armour; Battle Standard; Sotek; Itzl
    Huanchi's Blessed Totem [40]
    Cold One

    1 Skink Priest @ 115 Pts
    Magic Level 1
    Dispel Scroll [25]
    Dispel Scroll [25]

    10 Skink Skirmishers @ 70 Pts
    Scout; Javelin; Shield

    10 Skink Skirmishers @ 60 Pts
    Javelin; Shield

    16 Saurus Warriors @ 234 Pts
    Shield; Sotek; Champion

    14 Saurus Warriors @ 180 Pts
    Shield; Champion

    3 Kroxigors @ 174 Pts
    Great Weapon

    5 Saurus Cavalry @ 225 Pts
    Spear; Shield; Full Command

    3 Terradons @ 115 Pts
    Javelin; Brave

    1 Stegadon @ 235 Pts
    5 Skink Crew

    2 Salamander Hunting Packs @ 130 Pts
    6 Skink Handlers

    Casting Pool: 3
    Dispel Pool: 3
    Models in Army: 74
    Total Army Cost: 2000

    My gaming table is about 6' by 3'6", and usually we use a forest, hill, small river, and maybe some walls/buildings. I'll be playing either Chaos, Vampire Counts, or Dark Elves (any variety, we keep our lists secret till the game). I don't think I ought to take any more saurii unless I take out the kroxigors, because that makes my frontage too wide, and we usually have something (forest, building) in the middle of the map that would force me to split up. I tried to keep the heroes points value down while still giving me enough to make a strong hitty army, because I noticed that in the breakthrough scenario, I don't get any points for heroes in his deployment zone. I put Huanchi's Blessed Totem on the BSB instead of the saurus cavalry because that way he can move to where he's needed most (probably the sotek saurus, or maybe the cavalry), and I figured I'd better give him a Cold One since he can't use a shield and he needs some Armor Save. I wouldn't join the saurus unit until the turn I wanted to use the Totem of course - no need to risk Cold One stupidity on the saurus unit. I was thinking maybe 1 skink with 2 scrolls might not be enough magic defense, and I'm not sure if the salamanders will end up being worthwhile. I was thinking about maybe including an Oldblood just so I could use the Blade of Revered Tzunki, thus dealing with those pesky armor saves on the Chaos Knights (last game I played, I overran into them with my Oldblood and killed all 4 knights without even attacking with the carnosaur, muhahahaha) What does everyone think of the list?

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    i haven't played my lizards for a while but here is what i'd do...

    Allright first of all get rid of the scar veteran with jaguar charm, not effective enough for the points. Then put your general on the cold one and the battle standard on foot, give the battle standard the blessed spawing of tepok. you need dispel dice against VC and dark elves, and chaos, unless its khorne. also drop huanachis totem for totem of prohphecy and use th points form other scar veteran to make on eof the saurus units really big (20+). thus scary and outnumber. as your general would now be on a cold one, consider swapping the sword of the hornet for something maybe great weapon...

    anyways thats just hwat i think, im sure others will contradict me :blink:

    but good luck
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