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Thread: Salamanders

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    First off:
    Can Salamanders shoot over Jungle Swarms? The Swarms are noted as 'Small' and thus does not block the salamanders line of sight. There is no use of the coneshaped area affect to the salamanders weaponery as far as I know. They shoot and they hit a specific target and leaves units in between unharmed. Placing an unbreakable unit with 10+ wounds in front of them would be a great way to avoid being charged....

    What are they shooting anyway?
    Seem to me like the creators of the lizardmen army couldn't decide on if it should be fireballs or acidsprays. If it were fire, shouldn't the breathattack be counted as an fireattack( more damage to treemen as such)? Then again, that would probably raise their pointscost....

    Things to bear in mind with salamanders, IMHO:
    They are waterproof. Park them in water, like a stream or pond, and they get soft cover and anyone trying to reach them have reduced movement. From there they can hopefully shoot at something valuable of the enemys.

    They cost a lot. In order to make them worth their points on a damage-for-damage basis you need to knock out about 6 units of enemy infantry per salamander. With a artillery dice giving an average of 3 ( not sure about the math) you'll need to keep them alive long enough to be able to launch at least two attacks.

    They have quite a range but can't stand and shoot as a charge response. Actually, if they get charged you can pretty much kiss them goodbye. The enemy will most likely be equipped with ranks, banners and a reasonable chance of adding your skinks tenders to the kill pile. They'll most likely lose combat and barring devine intervention( or the cold-blooded rule) they will be run down.

    A tactic is to have them near your infantry(Saurus) and use them in the following ways: To soften up the enemy with ranged attacks prior to a charge( yours or otherwise), to protect the flank of your regiment , countercharge any charges directed at your saurus.
    The countercharge is a interesting idea, they cause fear after all and if your opponent is sloppy enough to allow them to be less than 1" away during his/her charge then it's time to roll the dice and see if the fear can break the unit before they manage to harm your saurus. A bit expensive to use solely for countering charges but worth trying.

    What's your take on the artillerylizards?

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    my take is to use their skirmishing movement to take them out of charge arcs, so having swarms in front of them would limit their maneuverability and make their movement more predictable. by my calculations you get an average of 5 shots off a turn, all of which auto hit. If you stay out of charge arcs and preferably out of missile fire too, then you will easily get alot of shots off and more than make your points up.

    I believe they spit a sticky natural oil-based resin at the foe, as it makes sense in their workings as an semi-aquatic predator
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