I'm gunna follow Domstrae's(I beleive that's his name) foot steps in asking what would you improve with the lizardmen? Hopefully this thred will yield some usefull discussion so here we go.

The intent of this is to find out what you think is broken (too powerful/not powerfull enough) in the lustrian, southlands, and/or red host list. I'm not a very experianced player so I am asking all you vet players to contribute what you can.

From my limited experiance this is what I think should be different:
I think the terradons should count as US 2(i think they're 1 anyway) cause now that the brets have flying calvary. I think in the next edition we should have US 2 flyers.

Saurus cold one riders should be able to take another spawning and become rare. You can combine any two spawnings on regular saurus and it would make sence to be able tom combine this with say sotek or quetzl. I understand the SCOR would become really powerful with extra spawnings but taking up a rare slot and the points cost of the spawning seems to make up for it don't you agree?

Another thing is, in the Southlands list I think the shortbows should be free exchange, like blowpipe vs the javs and shields. There would be much more arguments for the short bow if there was no charge for it. Also shouldn't the cohorts be a point or two less? the only difference between skirmishers and cohorts is ranked up and certain weapons are taken away. The advantages lossed by skirmishing (-1 to shooting and greater manouverability) are made up for by the rank bonus but the weapons don't seem to be. I've never actually played southlands yet but this is my opinion on it so far.

I aslo heard a lot of complaints about salamanders, are they actually 2 good or are people just ranting?

I haven't even looked at the red host list so it would be nice if any one with any experiance in that area would contribute. Also keep in mind everything I have stated was just IMO and I'm not very experianced