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    Bothersome Elves! >=(

    Hey, I've just played my friend in a 1500 point battle and tied him. I guess that's not bad but I usually win against my other friends, and him several times. I'm gunna have a rematch with him soon and expect him to use the same army(It's his games day army) It consist of; one unit of archers, one unit of 15 eternal guard, 6 wild riders(which I slaughtered) wardancers, dryads, a treeman, a wardancer hero thingy, and a spell caster. I had used an army that was premade for dwarfs and changed it slightly, which could have been my downfall (lazyness, arg!) I had 2 units of 20 saurus, 2 units of 12 skinks, one with blowpipes, other with javilins, a unit of 6 chameleons, 8 coldones (with the -1 to shoot at banner), 2 salamanders, 3 kroxies, and a scar-vet with the burning blade of chotec (flaming attacks, -2 armour, for his treeman!) :shifty: (Although he used some spell thing that killed him, oh .....sob.....:cry: .....)
    Also, for his wardancers, is he allowed to change his dances during the game to fit what is happening, or does he have to choose an amount, or one, before the match?

    Thank you for any replies

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    First of all, I'd decrease the size of your Saurus units to 15. You don't need the numbers and static CR for a war of attrition. It will also allow you to take another unit and more units is usually better when facing WEeds.
    Furthermore you wouldn't lose that much when flanked and the extra unit will also help you in keeping from being flanked.
    On the same ground I'd only take small units of CoR.

    Use your Skinks to deal with his Dryads. For you can't reduce his Ward save anyway with higher strength and the poison will work against their T4.
    Shoot his Wardancers too. While they won't last sustained combat against Saurus they do deal a lot of damage.

    He's also using few archers (Glade Guard actually) or other ranged troops and WE magic is supportive, not offensive. Thus I'd drop the Sun Standard of the CoR. It's a waste. Instead, you're much better equipped with the Jaguar Standard. Those extra inches will help alot in coming to grips with these elusive WE.

    A trick that will also help against them is giving your Saurus the Spawning of Huanchi. Though it would take up Special slots, you being able to move through woods could be a fatal surprise for the WE.

    And Wardancers must change their Dances. Each round of combat they must choose a new dance, they cannot keep the same.

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    Get some teradons (spelling?) Those things are great for harassing and causing a general pain in the bum. You are also losing a lot of mobility by having big blocks of saurus warriors, the likelihood is that you will get charged due to the wood elves higher movement
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