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    This 1500 point army allowed???

    Hello all, I am here to ask you guys if this army list is fairly solid and is allowed with all the special rules. There maybe a couple rules I had missed so please correct me and explain in full what I have done wrong thanks in advance. I did get this army list from another forum and would like other peoples oppinions and thoughts just so that the person I got this from did not make any errors that woud make me look totoally stupid.

    My 1500 Point Army List

    Scar-Vet, w/piranha blade and the shield of the mirrored pool, also has the spawn of topek.

    Skink Priest w/Diadem of power, level 2 sorc

    Skink Priest w/x2 dispell scrolls and is a level 2 sorc (scroll caddie)

    20 Saurus Warriors w/full command

    15 Saurus Warriors w/mark of topek and full command

    3 units of 10 Skinks, 20 w/blowpipes, 10 w/spears

    3 kroxigors

    3 salamander hunting packs

    Total Points = 1496

    Once again any improvments/suggestions or mistakes/rules that do not work with my army list please let me know before I challenge someone at my local games workshop store and look like a fool when I pull out this army and half the units are not allowed in a 1500 point army.

    Also my first battle which will be soon is against chaos so I have directed this towards the Hordes of Chaos allowing me an easier defeat.

    P.S. One question I do have though is, when I want to have the mark of topek (which I do) on me saurus warriors and Scar-Vet do I have to paint the models according to the colours in the Warhammer Lizardmen Book or can I just state to my opponent what spawn/mark it has before the battle has begun???

    Thanks Alot

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    I was going to move this to the army list section, but then i noticed you've posted an identical list with identical questions there!

    Don't do this again *waves finger*



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