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Thread: Loaxatl

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    Will there be a lizardmen army in 40k cause that would be cool a Loaxatl army.

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    In short, no. GW doesn't want to make 40k become fantasy 40k or something.

    It was said in their explanations for getting rid of the squats that they didn't want fantasy being completely parallell to the 40k universe. However, we all know that this is just an excuse as we have:
    Imperial guard: Empire
    Chaos SM: Chaos
    Eldar: High Elves
    Dark Eldar: Dark Elves

    That's all observations made from some1 who doesn't really play 40k so I may be wrong on some and there are probably more. I would say Necrons and Tomg Kings are similar, but not as close as most of those ^

    This doesn't stop you from converting current 40k armies. I heard Space Marines are the Lizardmen of the 40k universe(I dunno maybe they have the same feel or something), and have seen SM converted with saurus heads that looked pretty cool. Also, the tyranid fluff seemed kinda similar to me, creatures being created to serve a certain purpose. I always thought those gaunts were kinda like skinks, with their short ranged power, but of course they are good in cc aren't they?

    However, if you ment will GW ever make one, they one have saurus with bolters or anything(atleast I don't think), but they make make some sort of space lizards. I think there was in an older edition called slann or something.

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    No, guants are terrible at combat, genestealers are awesome though.

    I had a work in progress space lizardmen codex going in the rules developement section for a while, you should check it out for some inspiration.

    Lizardmen have the most parallels with tyranids at the moment, it could be:

    Shooty Hive Tyrant - Shooting is psychic powers, + it can have psychic powers too.
    Tyrant Guard - Temple Guard.
    Termagaunts - Skinks
    Warriors - Saurus
    Fast Warriors - Saurus Cavalry
    Rippers - Jungle Swarms
    Carnifex - Stegadon
    Zoanthrope - Salamander or skink priest.


    Broodlord - Saurus Lord
    Genestealers - Saurus
    Warriors - Kroxigors
    Gaunts - Skinks
    Carnifex - Stegadon
    Etc... etc....

    The problem with the second one is that genestealers are i6 (can be 7) and the broodlord is i7 (can be so it doen't compare with i2 and stuff, but then again, saurus don't have 2 wounds and stuff so being warriors wouldn't make much sense.

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