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Thread: Host of Huanchi

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    Host of Huanchi

    Well I think I've finally decided on the theme for my lizardmen. I'm going to make a Host of Huanchi the jaguar god. He's fast, he's stealthy, what's not to like? In addition, I don't see many lists using the spwaning(not the greatest spwaning in game turns, it's very situational), so that's another thing I like about it. I posted my 1000 point tourny list(I may change it if the tourny does not allow sacred hosts, it's still legal as lustrian, but I don't get to cast from shadows, so it would almost be a waste of points) and I plan to expand it into a fast moving 2000 point list in the future.

    They're gunna be based on the lizardmen that stalked and killed the DE raiders. So that means lots of DE bits lying around on bases. I also plan to put a severed DE dragon head on the base of my carnosaur(when I get it) so he can have one foot placed on it.

    So my question for you here at LO is if you were doing a Huanchi army how would you do it? I want lots of ideas thrown around, from what colors to use as skin/scales and armor/weapons to what DE bits to have lying around. Also, how would you make it clear that it's a sacred host of huanchi? I understand dark colors as stealthy looks, but how would you go about making a jaguar standard or something similar?

    I was thinking of painting the saurus black/grey with dark purple scales, or maybe purple armor, but I'm not sure what exactly I'm going to do yet.

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    I think it sounds like a good plan(Y)

    You could go by the colour schemes suggested in the book or you could come up with your own, it's up to you really.

    I've never really used this host before, probably because if you're playing with little woods then it won't be that useful.

    I also want to try the host of chotec one day, i think i'll give that a try...



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