ok heres the deal, my friends want me to get into warhammer fantasy. most of them play lizardmen so naturally they want me to also play lizardmen, mostly in my gw store we see empire, skaven khemri, and high elves. so if i went with lizardmen i wouldnt fall into the the norm in my gw store. the other day i got a quick look-over of a dark elf player's codex......good god the models are beatiful and the lords/heroes are almost too good to be true. so thats basically what im trying to decide between...i wanted a really cc oriented army, liardmen (but also the dark elf player i was talking to told me that dark elves can be tailored to be sick cc units, if done correctly). i would appreciate any advice about the lizardmen or any info you would like to give me would also be most appreciated... -cheers

FOR THE OLD ONES!!!!!!!!!!!