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    Looking for a little bit of building help

    I'm looking for suggestions on the best units to choose in for my lizardmen. I'm relatively new at playing, here's what I have available for me. Gunning for a 3000pt army. Rough suggestions are fine, I'm not expecting people to build it to points or anything silly.

    Also looking for advice on topics like, "how big of a saurus block should I run, 3 10s, 2 15s", etc etc.

    P.S - The people at my FLGS like huge battles.

    Models Available:

    20 Saurus w/ Spears/Shields (Full Command)
    16 Saurus (can be built either way, trying to decide
    20 Temple Guard w/ Shield (Full Command)
    40 Skinks (20 Blowpipe, 20 Javelin)
    3 Salamander Hunting Packs
    6 Kroxigor
    Oldblood on Carnosaur
    Slaan Mage Priest
    Lord Kroak
    Skink Priest
    Stegadon (can be done as either a mount or unit at this point, not sure which way I want to go (again, it'll be rare to run <2000 points for me)

    Probably looking at getting some terradons here soon, in the next week or so. Probably 3-5.

    Main opposition is Tomb Kings w/ Casket, D.E w/ Malekith, Dwarves, Ogres, and V.C

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    20 saurus with full command are a steal at 270 points. I like to run three in 2k points, more than likely I would bump this up to four or five in 3k points. Stick a BSB in them and they are one hard line to break.

    With the models you have I would suggest a 2nd gen slann with 16 temple. Then use your other four TG as saurus which will give you another two blocks of 20.

    Use all 40 skinks, I usually find a unit of 10 in front of each saurus block and another units scouting will suffice. Sometimes if I run too many skinks I find they can get in the way a bit. But the amount of shots they can get off is amazing!

    That's the build I'd go for personally. Whatever you do, take a BSB



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