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    How do you paint yours?

    Hey y'all
    Im restarting to collect lizardmen and I need to decide on a colour scheme. I was just wondering how lizzie players like you paint your saurus and skinks and whatnot.
    Ive come up with a faint idea that involves:
    1. Basecoating all of the model with Mordian Blue.
    2. Painting scales with DA green or scaly green or another kinda green
    3. Painting skin with ultramarines blue or another blue
    4. Painting all weapons gold.

    Another idea is come up with "Blizzardmen" which would involve heavy conversions and giving the lizzies loadsa fur coats and painting em light blue and white.

    At the moment Im heading towards the first one as I want to build an army fairly quickly and am lacking money, time and talent for the second one.

    Any thoughts?

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    I had the same dilemma a while ago so i looked at nature. If you google poison tree frogs you can get a good amount of references for color schemes mother nature has devised. I am making all the units in my army a different scheme corresponding to a particular frog for inspiration. I am linking all the different schemes together though by using midnight blue throughout the army to tie them all together and make them a colorful and diverse yet still unified force.

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    I like your ideas Bleyden, interesting, original and should look pretty good on lizardmen. At the time when I was choosing my colour scheme I was going for a sacred host of huanchi so mine are green (It doesn't specify their colour I believe so I made them so they can blend in with the jungles and trees and such.)

    Slightly darker than goblin green skin (mixed with snot green) and somewhere between snot and dark angels green scales. Yellow eyes with black pupils. Wooden javelins with grey (stone, obsidian, whatever it is they use) tips. Gold details and things... I never chose a colour for the saurus crest, I tried bone but it looked stupid with my scheme, then I left it black with highlights but that didn't work either, I haven't touched my lizardmen in a long time though which is why I've not posted in this forum for a long time.

    Cheers all of you guys. For the old ones.

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    I think that I would have painted mine in shades of green with brighter specks and scales if for but in thing. I also play Orcs and Goblins, and if I had to paint another army green, I would lose my mind. Consider that I'm running 100+ orcs in 2000 pts. That already quite a bit of green. Even at a different shade, paint lizardmen green would seem like the same task.

    So I paint mine in shades of blue. On the saurs, I undercoat them white and start with a hawk turquoise then shade up to and ice blue. There scales start at ultramarine blue and then I drybrush space wolves gray along them (One block actually has a yellow drybrush going down their scales that looks pretty well done. The shield a based black. Then I run over them with vile green, and drybrush on dark angels green for a jungle look.

    My skinks start off ice blue (white undercoat), then I drybrush their skin in the same manner as the saurs to give a similar, but lighter effect. Their scales are done to match the saurs shields, and the skink shields are done up in blazing orange to match salamanders.

    I'm no artist, but this seems to work. I hope it helps.

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