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    New to lizardmens..

    I everyone very new to this whole post thing {forum thinggy} but am gonna give it a shot! anyway i have just started collecting a lizardmen army ..well actually i only have the codex...but think of starting with the starter battalion thing..Ive been playing warhammer for a while but am unable to grasp an army and collect a good size force without losing interest and selling it on ebay..the largest army i have collected is a 2000point khorne chaos army, however maintaining the hobby is very difficult in hervey bay as we only have one crapy bicycle shop to buy the warhammer from and we have a silly club going which i try and run but am only allowed an hour and a half from the actual owners to play warhamme...besides we only have 2 other people coming to the club..both of them 40k players, and one of them is so over the hobby that he doesnt care if he plays warhammer on the floor, he only comes because he has nothing else to do! the other guy hes cool but always gets distracted..but anyway gettin of track and moaning like a housewife...neighbours anyone? so what i need is any ideas that could help me not lose interest and help estabilishing an army list. im looking for the hard hitting army but would love the army to be led by a slann! oh and i love pterisons! And by any chance if there is a chance that someone reading this lives in Hervey Bay Australia and would like to organize a game i would jump at the oppurtunity.. thanks in advance for your help!

    Luke aka defender of itza..

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    Ha, my first bit of advice is to clear up your post's speech. Took me a while to decipher it mate.

    As a starting army pick up the battalion for sure, it'll get you started in the right direction, but as for keeping you in the good wargaming spirit, I can't do much. If you really don't have anything near all I can suggest is that you venture a bit and find an actual games workshop?

    Sorry Defender of Itza, it's all I got for now =\

    Eternity Guard (SM) W-15/L-5/D-3
    Lizardmen w16/ L1/ d2 :On hiatus since new rules... =/

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    This thread is a year old, probably bumped to the top because some twat voted in the poll

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