hello all, i'm new to this site, but have been playing lizardmen for the past year or so. anyways, my good friend who previously played empire started a chaos army (he usually plays khorne, sometimes tzenecch (sp?)). we usually play 1000 pt matches, but he always destroys me. he has the following, so they are what he typically brings:

hero level champion
hero level mage
marauders (one box set)
warriors (one box set)
chaos spawn

in our last battle, i brought:

scar vet with glyph necklace, great weapon, poisoned attacks, itzl, cold one, tepok
skink priest, level 2 with staff of lost sun
24 skinks w/blowpipes
30 or so saurus,broken into two units with quetzl on each one, spears
3 kroxigors
1 salamander

it seems like he always plows straight over my units, especially with his warriors. since he usually plays khorne, i wind up playing on the defensive. just wondering, what lizardmen stuff (at 1000 pts) is useful for facing really hard-hitting armies such as this one?