• The Space Wolves - Introduction + Background:

    Just prior to the Horus Heresy, the Space Wolves came into conflict with their brother Space Marines once again. The Primarch of the Thousand Sons Space Marines, Magnus the Red, had ignored the Emperor's command to not dabble in sorcery. The Space Wolves were then ordered by the Emperor to Bring Magnus before the him to answer for this. Russ, however, decided to launch an attack on the Thousand Sons rather than attempt to negotiate. The surprise assault upon the Sons' home world of Prospero was furious, and rather successful; however, many of the Sons, including Magnus himself, escaped into the wild region of space known as the Eye of Terror. A blood feud still exists between the survivors of the Thousand Sons, who are now dedicated to the Chaos God Tzeentch, and the Space Wolves. During the Horus Heresy, the Space Wolves were far from Earth, alongside the Dark Angels, and were unable to assist their loyalist brethren in the fighting at the capital world, Terra. Knowledge of the imminent arrival of the two Legions, which would tip the balance in favour of the loyalists, pushed Horus into allowing the Emperor to personally attack him in a gamble to swiftly end the war. The two Legions arrived just after the battle concluded, with Horus dead and the Emperor mortally wounded.

    Leman Russ was devastated by his inability to save the Emperor. After the war was fully completed, and all resistance was crushed, Russ held a great feast, at which he declared he would be leaving, and would return for the 'final battle'. He then vanished, and is said to have gone into the Eye of Terror to continue hunting down the traitorous Marines who fought against the Emperor during the Horus Heresy. A large portion of the Legion followed him, and became marooned in the Eye until only recently; this lost contingent is known as the 13th Great Company. Another tale has it that the 13th went into the Eye on their own (disobeying orders) or were sent there by Russ, and that Russ himself vanished after chasing a Kabal of Dark Eldar who had raided Fenris right into their city of Commorragh.

    Harek Ironhelm was the chapter's Great Wolf during M32. Ironhelm sought for many years to bring Magnus to battle. Several times Magnus appeared to him in visions among the ruins of devastated cities and taunted the Great Wolf for his inability to stop him. After many fruitless efforts to catch up with the raiders Harek became obsessed, and took to searching worlds along the edge of the Eye of Terror itself. Eventually he found what he believed to be the Thousand Sons' secret base on Gangava and launched a full-scale attack against it. This was a deception to draw the Space Wolves from their homeworld, leaving it undefended; Gangava was held by a Chaos force allied to Magnus but it served only as a distraction, allowing a massive Thousand Sons' Fleet to besiege Fenris.

    The Fang was held by only a small force of Space Wolves and their servitor-thralls. For forty days and forty nights the Thousand Sons assaulted the citadel. Bjorn the Fell-handed, most ancient of the Space Wolves dreadnoughts, was woken from his long sleep and took charge of the defence. The assault was held at bay as a force of scouts under Haakon Blackwing escaped to Gangava to locate Harek. Shamed and furious, Harek Ironhelm returned to meet Magnus in battle on the slopes of the Fang itself. Although Magnus is terribly wounded, Harek, a Marine, cannot stand against a Primarch exulted to Daemonhood. Harek is slain, but the Thousand Sons are defeated and scattered.

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    Important leaders of the Space Wolves:

    -Leman Russ - Primarch.
    -Logan Grimnar - Great Wolf (Chapter Master.)
    -Berek Thunderfist - Wolf Lord.
    -Ragnar Blackmane - Wolf Lord; succeeded Berek Thunderfist.
    -Kyrl Grimblood - Wolf Lord during the the Age of Apostasy.
    -Ulrik the Slayer - Wolf Priest.
    -Njal Stormcaller - Rune Priest.
    -Bjorn the Fell-Handed - Dreadnought; was previously Great Wolf and a Wolf Guard to Leman Russ.
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