I have 42 unopened blister packs in boxes in a wardrobe. They came from a combination of Games Workshop anniversary quiz prizes and Grabbit and Scarpa mystery boxes from Games Dag. As a result of both these schemes giving random blisters almost all of it was useless to me, and ost importantly OOP and LOTR, so useless to most other people. The two or three blisters of Orks have gone to Rafici, the wolf guard is going to a mate and some other random things I opened thinking they would be usefull (sword brehtren, a Grey Knight etc), but they have just sat in my bitz box.

I never bothered putting them on ebay as I fear they will not get much interest, or because I have vague Ideas of how I could convert them at some point. Last thing I want to do is waste money on a posting and then either not get a sale or have it go for 99p. However if anything in these boxes would be particularly useful to anyone here I'll pop them on ebay. I'll split them into three posts, 40k, Warhammer and LOTR and attach some images.

So, the LOTR consists of...

3 x Arnor Captain and Standard Bearer
2 x Mounted Witch King (minas Tirith)
3 x Elrond Master of Rivendell
2 x West Eomer
1 x Eorl the Young (Foot and Mounted)
1 x West Gimli

blister packs06.jpgblister packs09.jpgblister packs03.jpgblister packs08.jpgblister packs07.jpgblister packs01.jpg