Hello everyone,

I'm less frequent on here but still adore the site. My main home is Dakka Dakka, so I posted my profile link below so that you know I am not trying to scam. You can also look in the Reputable Traders list on there, and see my name. (Not sure if they've updated it but I have done about 7 trades in the last month.) I prefer if you email me, rather than PMing for a faster response from me. I'll list it below.

I'm looking to unload some models I don't use and pick up some I do need, so here is the stuff I got!

-26+ Marines (8 of them are SGTs.) , they've been stripped of their paint to thin it out so it is nicer to paint. (Not all paint is gone, not damaged whatsoever)

-11 Raptors, primed white. They range from being assembled to having parts missing. (All parts that aren't on the model are included, so none are gone)

-1 Dreadnought w/ Plasma Cannon & Close Combat Arm, primed whit/ dissembled.

-5 Termies Primed White.

-4 Havocs Primed White. 2 Auto Cannons, 1 Heavy Bolter, 1 Missle Launcher I believe.(2 Dissasembled but come with parts to make them)

- 1 Chaos Lord w/ Jump Pack & Lightning Claws. (Unprimed and Unpainted, the body is together but the pack is off)

-2 Possesed, primed black, then one white.

-1 Lucius The Eternal (Unprimed, assembled.)

-5 Thousand Sons + 1 Chosen One (Thousand Sons Version)

-1 CSM Rhino w/ Plow (Cardboard custom plow). (It has been primed and is missing a tread, but has been replaced by a piece of cardboard. Also there is custom barbed wire and spikes on top.)

-Lots of bits, PM if your looking for something.

NIGHT LORDSAll painted very well)

-x1 Raptor Plasma Pistol & Chainsword

-x6 Marines 1 Sgt (One is missing a shoulder pad)


-9 Metal Horrors, with square bases


-4 Catachan officers (Non painted)

-2 Catachan assault people (Non painted)

-34 Catachan Jungle fighters (Vary from being painted, primed black or not painted)


-40 NIB Zombies, I have 2 boxes, each containing 20.

-14 Skeletons with Spears (No shields), they are assembled but not yet primed.

-Basilisk (Maybe)

ALL PREFERABLY UN-PAINTED! (Not a huge problem if it is painted, I just don't want globby models.)

Thanks, shoot me a PM with an offer, or if you could email me at revco9@gmail.com (Again, I prefer that you email me.)

-Revackey (DakkaDakka - Warhammer 40K Forums - All about revackey)