The figures listed below are from the Chaos Daemons Spearhead box.
All Unpainted and Unassembled (most have still got flash).
All in excellent condition.
NO BASES. (sorry!)

1 x Masque of Slaanesh.
1 x Karanak, Hound of vengeance.
5 x Flesh Hounds of Khorne.
1 x Fiend of Slaanesh. (possibly a limited one, GW site sells 3 variants - Fiend, Fiend 3 and Fiend 4. This maybe Fiend 2 ?).
1 x Epidemius (missing a banner but rest all there).


All Unpainted and Unassembled (most have still got flash).
No longer in box but all parts there

1 x Emporers Champion (Black Templars).
5 x Veteran Vanguard (exactly same as current unit / box except there is no box).
1 x Limited Edition Space Marine Veteran Sergeant (as far as can recall it is one that was available a couple of years ago with orders over a certain cost. Figure has Bolter and Powerfist)


1 x Harlequin Shadowseer (current model, all parts there, looks slightly dull as it has been in bitz box for a while).

All any of them need is a new home, open to any sensible offer.

Selling them to raise funds for a Plague Hulk.