This is what I currently have left (New thread as I got SM and can't edit title).


Apothecary (Metal, painted to Ultramarine army, IE White with blue shoulder pads)
Techmarine (Metal, unpainted)
Librarian Tigerus (Metal, unpainted)
Blood Angels Standard bearer. Never seen one before, so it must be pretty old. (metal)

X9 Terminators (mix of metal/plastic. Some are painted. One model is NOS)

Land Speeder (painted Ultramarines)

Devestator Squad (Metal and Plastic ones)

22 Tac marines (various styles/editions. Some painted)

8 scouts (all metal. Most painted)


Lord Castellan Ursarkar Creed & Kell (Metal - one of them are painted)
Commisar Yarrick (Metal, Unpainted)
1 'Shafer' (Metal, Unpainted)
3 Sanctioned Psykers (Metal, Unpainted)

18 Kasrkin + 1 Sergeant - (all metal, Unpainted)
5 ratling snipers (unknown edition. Again maybe 3/4th? All Metal, Unpainted)
2 Ogrynes - (Metal, Unpainted)
2 Heavy Weapon teams - one with Lascannon, one with mortar (One painted, both plastic)
3 rough riders - (Metal & plastic, Unpainted)
20 plastic IG (Possibly Cadian Shock squad? All plastic, some painted)
2 IG Snipers (One painted, both metal)

IG Command Squad
1 'Confessor'
1 'Missionary'
1 'Gaunt'
1 Commisar
1 Commisar looking guy simply labelled 'Cadian'
1 Injured Guardsman


Hammerhead (Plastic, constructed, Unpainted)

Orkz: Sold
Nids: Sold

Have a camera so can take pictures on request.

What I'm also looking for:

A LR Crusader Frag-assault launcher (the metal bit that goes on the treads)

Temple Guard - Anything (NOS,NIB,Constructed) as long as they're not painted. Undercoat is okay.
Terradons - Anything (NOS,NIB,Constructed) as long as they're not painted. Undercoat is okay.

I'm UK based BTW guys.