For sale Adeptus Mechanicus Themed Imperial Guard! 2000+ points [EBAY] - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Adeptus Mechanicus Themed Imperial Guard! 2000+ points [EBAY]

    Click here to see the auction.
    What is included:

    4 Chimera - Multi lasers, heavy stubbers, and a hull flamer.
    1 Demolisher - Multi Melta Sponsons, Lascannon hull.
    1 Vanquisher - Converted.
    1 Executioner - Plasma cannon sponsons, Lascannon hull. (5 Plama templates a turn!) The turret is the forge world plasma cannon turret.
    1 Punisher - heavy bolter sponsons, lascannon hull. The turret has been converted.
    1 Regular Leman Russ turret - so you can turn any tank into a regular tank by changing the turret out.
    3 Sentinels - Autocannons
    1 Sentinel - heavy flamer
    1 Storm Lord Tank
    2 Valkyries - forge world miniguns under the wings. The windows are a little messed up. See pictures.
    4 Tech Priests - one unpainted. They each have a flag with a symbol that correlates with the symbol on their chimera for squad ease.
    1 Vindicare Assassin - Used as Sly Marbo because the vindicare fits the theme better.
    1 Tech Marine - used as commander
    1 Forge world titan crew - used as assistants
    1 Objective Marker - Converted
    1 Psycher with mechanical wings
    30 Lasgun infantry
    5 Plasma gun infantry
    3 Melta gun infantry
    1 Hellhound - hull bolter

    Thanks for checking out this post, and bidding! If you have any questions just ask!
    Click here to see the auction.

    Oh, and no the lobster apron in the background doesn't come with it.

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