Hi, I need a couple models to round out my army. I'm looking for:

Dark Elves:
10 Executioners (no command)
15 Spearmen with Shields (no command)
20 Witch Elves (command incl. would be nice)
Cauldron of Blood (preferably the old 5th edition one with wheels)
5 Cold Ones (Just the lizards, the current edition models)

Wood Elves:
2 Glade rider horses (preferably the ones that have their legs "reaching" forward)

Flying base
40mm square base

Also in case anyone is interested, I have 15 of the older 6th edition Cold Ones (the ones which are currently pulling the dark elf chariot). All are unassembled. I have no use for them, they'd make good warp beasts for 40K, or beasts for a Dark Elf Mordhiem warband. Or if you were really inclined I'm sure you could attach wings to them and use them as some sort of super awesome something...wings make anything cool.

If you have anything on my wish list and you're looking to sell feel free to shoot me a PM.