Destroyer lord (not assembled)
Lord (assembled/painted/conversion)

10 Immortals (not assembled)

30 Warriors (assembled/painted)
5 warriors (unassembled)

3 wraiths (painted/assembled)
9 Scarab (painted/assembled)
10 Destroyers (assembled/painted)

1 Monolith (assembled/painted)
2 Heavy Destroyers (assembled/painted)
1 Heavy Destroyer (assembled/undercoated)
1 Tomb Spyder (assembled/ second arm ha snot been glued so can attach gun or claw)
1 Tomb Syper (partially painted/not assembled)
1 Tomb Spyder (NI

All models that have ben painted where undercoated in chaos black. All painted models where painted with a bolt gun metal/mithril paint scheme and are to a decent standard. The total cost of these models new is approx $1200 AUS i am asking $800 AUS for the lot. I am not selling of individual pieces so pleae dont ask. I accept pay pal only and will ship world wide if you are prepared to pay for postage. I am based in Queensland, Australia if you are nearby you may pick it up and pay for it in cash. Please ask any questions you might have regarding this Lot and i will be happy to answer them.