Hey all, this is for my awesome and much loved Demon Hunter army. Pictures of it can be seen at my photobucket page (user sepiroth1750) at this link:

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The majority of the photo's are in 'sepiroth1750s album'... Here's a rough list of whats in the army.

1 Justicar with sweet converted flames on his sword
1 normal Justicar
3 Incinerator GK
1 Pyscannon GK
15 Normal GK

Vindicare Assassin


Inquisitor Lord w Retinue:
-2 acolytes
-3 Warriors (Gun Servitor w Multi Melta, 2 veteran guardsmen with plasma gun and flamer)

Two squads of Stormtroopers. Each has a captain with a pistol and sword as well as a few special weapons.

If anyway's interested in some or all of the models, let me know!