Clearing a lrage set of Orks and Marines for Dwarfs and Skaven. Pictures on request. I have an ebay account with 100% feedback (300 ratings). Will travel to pick up drop up in the South of England rather than post.


Orks - All current edition unless listed

1 Black reach warboss and 7 nobs painted to a very high standard
1 Warpboy / Telekenisis (metal) partially painted to a very good standard
1 Big Mek with force field projector (metal) partially painted to a very good standard
7 stormboyz (metal old edition) partially painted to a very good standard
5 Nobz (plastic) undercoated only
4 lootas with heavy gun rigs (plastic) undercoated only
4 burnas plus mek (plastic) undercoated only
3 eavy shoota's and one rokkit launcha (plastic) undercoated only
3 Deathkopters (plastic) undercoated only
1 Ork Trukk (plastic) undercoated only
1 ork Battlewagon (plastic) undercoated only
1 Ork Stompa (plastic) partially basecoat painted
54 slugga and choppa boyz (plastic) most undercoated, a small handful poorly painted but easily strippable
11 shoota boyz (plastic) undercoated only

Marines set

5 bikers with 2 meltagun, 1 plasma pistol, sergeant with power sword and plasma pistol All fully painted
9 scouts with sniper rifles All fully painted
1 scout with missile launcher All fully painted
1 scout with heavy bolter All fully painted
9 scouts with boltpistol and close combat weapons All fully painted
5 scout bikers 1 with shotgun ALL MISSING STEERING ARM All fully painted
3 attack bikes, 2 with multi melat, one without acutal heavy weapon but includes operator All fully painted
3 landspeeders All partially painted
7 devastator marines with 3 plasma cannon, 2 multi melta, 1 heavy bolter and one lascannon All fully painted

Forgeworld heavy bolter bunker, earthshaker emplacement and underground entrance (40K). I also have new blood angels and space wolves kits clipped from the sprue but unassembled. PM me for details if you are interested.

For Dwarfs would prefer metal longbeards, hammerers, ironbreakers an slayers but would consider plastic.

Some pictures can be veiwed here but PM for more etc.