I am selling these because I am compulsive and when i buy things for a hobby i buy way too much and never touch it so my mental issue is your gain!

Skaven army:

60 plague monks (i usually put them in two units of 30 with a bringer of the word in each) built with a knife in each hand

60 Clanrats built with both spears and hand weapons

20 stormvermin built with spears and shields

1 doomwheel

1 plague furnace (did not use the screaming bell)

1 deathmaster snikch (new in blister)

1 warlock engineer

1 ratling gun crew

I also have movement trays to fit them

allof the models are put together and/or primered but not painted (except for about 30 of the clanrats which i STARTED to paint but i only got around to finishing maybe one or two...and i dont paint like crap so they look good lol)

I may have more Skaven im just going off the top of my head at the moment!

also comes with the new skaven codex.

now for the Space Wolves:

40 Grey hunters (or basic troops) (27 of which have chainswords and pistols/bolters, 3 have been fitted with plasmaguns, 2 of which have been fielded as lone wolves with two wolf claws each, 4 have bolt pistols and bolters, 1 has one frostaxe, 1 has a wolf claw and a pistol, one has a bolter and a power fist, one has just a bolter, one has a frost hammer and a bolt pistol) (half are primed white, the rest are unprimed but built)

5 long fangs (devestator squad: 2 lascannons, 2 plasma cannons, and 1 missile launcher, primed white (one is semi-painted))

5 wolf scouts (built as snipers, unprimed)

5 wolf guard (terminator squad: 1 with frosthammer and powerfist, 2 with wolf claw and frost hammer, 2 with a pair of wolf claws, all are unprimed)

1 Rune priest (metal primed white)

1 Ulrik the slayer (metal primed white)

1 lukas the trickster (metal primed white)

1 Njal stormcaller (metal primed white)

1 logan grimnar (metal primed white)

1 dreadnought (semi-painted)

1 Land speeder storm (comes with like 5-6 scout models on it)

1 land raider (comes with 2 twinlinked las cannons and a twin linked assault cannon,primed white)

3 rhinos

1 predator (twin linked las cannon on top and two lascannons on side)

1 vindicator

1 drop-pod (primed white on the outside and black on the inside)

1 space wolves codex

if the price is right for the space wolves ill send it with the red warhammer army case with foam inserts for the pieces (will fit everything but the tanks)

im looking for 500 for the space wolves and 300 for the skaven plus shipping (im negotiable though this is already a HUGE deal, go price for yourself youre already saving hundreds, if you buy both ill eat the shipping and youll get all my paints(about 25) and a huge box of bits from both armies)

I also have dice to match the armies ill send with their respective army