Cleaning of the collection of miniatures. I am trying to get rid of everything in lots and would like $$$ but willing to trade. PM me offers
Pictures can be seen here Trade Lot pictures by mmmLaustermmm - Photobucket Click on the sub folders on the right

12x Fire Warriors- Painted Blue
12x Fire Warriors- Mostly no base coat
Ethereal- painted Blue
Tau Empire Codex- Good Condition

Chaos- $100 for the lot
6 raptors- various weapons- various painted
OOP Bloodthirster- Bare Metal
Chaos Marines x 19- various weapons
Converted Termies x7 - Various Weapons
Termies x2- Various Weapons
Converted Marines x 19- Various Weapons
Chaos Marines x15- Various
Dreadnaught-Plasma Cannon, Close Combat Arm- Painted
Some pics can be found here Converted CSM Trade pictures by mmmLaustermmm - Photobucket

Necron Army
Lord - Base coat black
Pariahx4- Silver
Wraithx2- Silver
Warriors x28- Silver
Scarabs x7- Silver
Destroyers x4- Silver
Destroyer Lord- no base coat
Monolith- Black with green highlights
Deceiver- base coat brown

Imperial Guard- I believe this was from the old battle force
Guardsman x18 - Various
Heavy Weapons Teams- Various/Custom
Leman Russ Battle Tank- Black

LotR (all painted unless otherwise stated)
24 warrior of Minas Tirath
6 High Elf Warriors
12 Riders of Rohan
20 Urakai
12 Goblins
24 Orcs
Ambush at Amon Hen (base coated, nine figures, missing Gimli)
LotR Two Towers Strategy battle Game rule book
LotR Return of the King Strategy battle game rule book
Pics can be found here Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket

Mage Knight lot (approx 100 models)

Yugioh Cards (Lot of about 150 cards) $50


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