Howdy folks!

I am looking for a wide variety of bitz, detailed and some pictured below. I am only interested in NoS/bare plastic (or metal). I am also looking to sell bitz, so if there is anything you're looking for, just ask, and I probably can help you out.

If you want to sell/buy/trade, Please post here and PM me! I am a very easy to deal with guy, as my reputation both here and on Dakka Dakka will tell you.

First:WANTS (in general order of preference)

-DE Wyches
-New DE Warriors
-New DE Raiders/Ravagers

BITZ and stuff I am looking for:

-New plastic Gargoyle wings(5-10 sets)
-Genestealer tentacle heads

-Skaven Characters (Warlorrd, Engineer, Master Moulder, maybe Rat Ogres

-green rods! (x6 or so)

BA Death Company Infernus Pistol
BA Death Company Two Handed Thunder Hammer
BA Death Company Power Sword
-Tac Squad Flamer and Meltagun (new style PLASTIC only please)
-Devastator Missile Launcher (all parts)
-Devastator Multi-Melta Plastic (all parts)
-Command Squad Company Champion Head

-Chaos Terminator Lord Lighnting Claws Set
-Chaos Terminator Lord Combi Melta arm
-Chaos Terminator Combi Melta arm
-Chaos Marines Arm with Icon Staff / Pole
-Terminator Sorceror Lord Staff
-Chaos Marines Studded helmet:

-Ork Nobz Power Klaws
-Ork Nobz Buzz Saw Arm

-Ork Nobz Combi Skorcha:

I HAVE for trade/sale:

-Baneblade on-sprue

-TONS of bits (and figs) from most 40K armies (especially Eldar, Tyranids, SM, Ork, and bunches of Dark Eldar and vehicle bitz). I have some real gems (especially in the new DE range, like the new Archon heads/arms - i don't plan to use them) - if you are looking for anything just ask!
-New DE stuff - Warriors, Wyches, Reavers, Hellions etc.

I can take/post pics of my bitz box, but just ask me what you want and there's a good chance I have it!

Also $$$!
-Verified Paypal, flawless rep. (+82 at Bartertown, +10 at Dakka Dakka [same handle: catharsix ] )

Please PM me to let me know if you got what I am looking for (or am interested in what I have) and thanks! (you can also contact me via email, which is easier, at the same handle I use here: catharsix AT gmail DOT com but please post in thread to indicate interest.)

Thanks folks!!