Wood Elves:
12 Dryads
5 Glade Riders
40 Glade Guard

All models are primed, most of glade guard are partially built (some capes painted) along with the Glade Riders the rest of the models and pieces are still in sprue, the primer was a little thick but it still works

Was thinking ~$60 plus shipping for the Wood Elves

Imperial Guard:
1 Valkyrie (cockpit glass not put in, one of the gunners fell out)
2 Chimera's
1 Basilisk
4 Leman Russ(one with modified Conq. barrel(Shortened))
2 Cadian Sentinels (old metal ones with Autocannons)
8 Heavy Weapon Squads (3 HB, 4 Lascannon, 1 Autocannon)
2 Cadian Snipers
2 Melta guns(ones a conversion)
1 Plasma Gun
1 Commissar
2 Junior Officers
96 Cadian Guardsmen (3 Flamers, 4 Grenade Launchers, 10 Sergeants)

Most models are in some stage of painting, about 20 Infantry are finished, Paint scheme is Cadian 8th but with graveyard earth instead of Commando Khaki.

Also have 20 Mordian Iron Guard with several painted in Marine Silent Drill Team uniforms.

Was thinking ~$250 plus shipping

Just reply or PM me with any questions or if you want pictures.