Hello everyone. i am selling my dark elf army with the following models:

Dark Elf Army Book (Few Pages are falling out, all are there however)

2 Dread Lords on Cold One

1 Sorceress on foot

1 Sorceress on Cold One

1 Hero on Manticore

1 Caldron of Blood

1 Dark Elf Assassian

20 Repeater Crossbowmen (Painted, most complete but some bases are not finished, but i will Strip paint/ sand if wanted)

12 Dark Elf Spearmen (5 Assembled, 7 Unassemble on spruce, will assemble if wanted)

26 Corsairs ( 2 sets of Command, metal models)

13 Cold One Knights ( 3 Sets of Full Comand)

10 Exicutioners (One missing Sword)

1 Old Exicutioner model (unassembled)

5 Dark Elf Shades

10 Dark Elf Harpies

10 Dark Riders

2 War Hydras

2 Dark Elf Bolt Throwers

All models listed are the current edition models except the Corsairs they are the metal ones. Models are all in good shape, some dark riders already have sand on their bases, there are also a few other models that have sand on them, i am willing to strip the paint from any of the models i have painted and i am willing to get the sand off the bases if someone wants them that way. I would like to sell all of these as one group if possible. All these models when i bought them new were worth 758 dollars. I am looking for around $600 for the whole lot. Will negotiate price down if need be. I will send pictures on request, some of the files are too large to post, Just PM me.