Kay. I have LOADS of LOTR miniatures, some are painted some are not. The painted ones would want to be repainted. Please request of what picture if you wanted any will be, and please send me your price. What I got:

1x Balrog (Has its wings missing, got this off my bro and used its wings on my hive Tyrant, with a set on the store can easily be fixed, is spray painted black)
1x Durbz The goblin king (Painted to an okay standard)
30x Moria Goblins (A combination of swordsmen, spear-men and bowmen)

9x Normal foot soldiers, mixed with bows, swords and spears.
8x Rohirim on horse back, agian mixed weapons. Mostly swords
1x Eomer the Third Marsahl of the Mark
1x Theodred the Second Marshal of the Mark

15x foot soldiers, mixed with bows/swords
Aragon dressed in his royal robes of gondor

LOADS of bits of urikhai and orcs, can make roughly 10 of each, maybe more.
2x Lurtz
2x Ugluic (One is modeled to hold a severed head)

A scenic set of a scene from LOTR in mines of Moria. On Balin's tomb with a spot for each of the fellowship members, a rare edition and I will include as many members as I can find, I know I have: Legalos, Arragon, boromir, frodo, sam, merry and pippin (In rohan and gondor armor) Dont know about the rest. I MIGHT have 2 of the bases, but no doubles of the models.

Send me a message of what your after, they will go for cheap (But be reasonable gang.)

What I want:

Hive guards <----------------------- Very important.
Carnifex sets
3x bone swords from a hive tyrant set

Space Wolves:
Grey Hunters
Long Fangs
Missle launcher bits
Space wolve bits in general
Rune priests <----------------------- Very important.

I'll be shipping from Australia, so hit me up with some messages! I would prefer to to trade if possible.