Hello there, i just wanted to quickly post this question before i actually go ahead and post the topic i would like to.

Basically, i have a friend who has his own website and who is on Ebay who sells very good quality scenery/terrain and buildings he makes. I have purchased 4 building terrains from him and they have been all really fantastic! They also work well on a game board to provide cover etc. He makes amazing products and you can also request customised terrain pieces that would look great on your gaming board!

My friend very quickly dispatches the items that have been purchased, and the postage and packaging is excellent.

So yeah, i just wanted to seek approval before i post a thread about my friends products seeing as it's not actually me who is selling them.

Thank you for your time, and i hope you allow me to post my thread for the advantage of people on the forums!

- Niftyrevenge