The army is round abouts 2200 points (without wargear) and is primarily a mobile army, though with some swap-outs, could fit other styles easily. The entire army is painted, with some exceptions noted below. (There is some wear and tear - the army is old and Tau have some thin bits. Some antennaes on helmets are missing, but they're not hard to get ahold of and would take all of about 2 mins to paint up.)

- Crisis Suit Commander

- 8 Crisis Suits; variable loadouts (Most of their weapons are glued on, however I pulled a few off; should be able to pop them off and install magnets easily. A couple need highlighting done)

- 7 Squads of Fire Warriors (3 squads are painted in an old (shitty) colour scheme, but some simple green will remedy that. The others have different colouring on antennae's/helmets so you can easily tell squads apart on the battlefield. One of the fully painted squads is short a Fire Warrior, but I have some spare bitz I'll be including so you should be able to make one up.

- 20 Kroot (10 are unpainted, a few of those are partially assembled. Never played with them much, so didn't get around to building them up)

- Games Day Ethereal - This Ethereal was only available for Games Day folks

- 2 Pirhanas (one just needs to have its' pilots torsos glued into place... dunno why I never got around to it)

- 5 Skimmer Chasis (One has a turret top glued on that could pass as a Skyray, the rest are interchangable loadouts. I usually ran with two devilfish and two hammerheads. Some finishing touch-ups needed here and there)

- 3 Broadside suits (One needs some finishing touches on painting, highlighting, etc)

- 7 Stealthsuits

- 6 Pathfinders

- One Vespid Squad (Half-primed, these guys are probably the most un-finished of the army)

A note for those of you who may have seen my army: I am NOT selling my Forgeworld Commander; I was most proud of him and will be keeping him as a reminder of my Tau days.

I'm looking to see the whole set for $1200. This is how much each of the components would cost individually WITHOUT tax. In ADDITION, you are getting a (nearly) fully-painted army; as well as any spare Tau bitz I have laying around.

Furthermore, to sweeten the deal, I'm going to toss in an Army Transport Case and GW (small) case for free (along with associated foam) as well as the Codex - this makes the whole package value just shy of $2000

This is a great deal for anyone wanting to get into 40k or Tau, but maybe doesn't want to spend time painting an army up.