For sale CSM Army for sale! Also some High Elf Archers *new on sprues*x40 - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    CSM Army for sale! Also some High Elf Archers *new on sprues*x40

    There are pictures of all the stuff listed, and there's just over 2 days left. The asking price is $150.00, which is a great deal considering the new price hikes on the battleforces! Here's what's included.

    -2x Battleforces ($220.00 mrp)
    -1x Landraider ($62.00 mrp)
    -5x terminators ($50.00 mrp)
    -Demon Prince (pewter) (35.00 mrp)

    As far as the troop breakdown from the battleforces we have:

    -20x chaos marines (assembled) (10x with CC weap + b.pistol, 8x with bolters and 2x with Plasma Guns. 1-2 are missing hands, but there are more than enough extras on the sprues provided)
    -6x raptors (with possessed wings) (one meltagun, one flamer + one with dual Lightning Claws)
    -5x possessed
    -2x rhinos (one is missing one of the bolter covers, which can be easily fabricated from the spare bolters in the sprues mentioned below)
    -9x full marines on sprues (with 8x khorne heads and enough CC weaps/b.pistols or bolters + corresponding arms, "normal chaos marine heads" and backpacks for all bodies. 2x plasma pistols that are on sprues)

    The army has been largely designed around a Skaven theme, with a "screaming bell-esque" Landraider, "beak marine" + Skaven heads and Warp Stone chunks strapped to the vehicles. Ignore the rat ogres in the picture below the land raider.

    I will try to ship out within 48 hours of receiving payment (via paypal only, please. No international buyers, as well, please).

    I'm asking for ~61% off of the retail prices for all the above listed product (not including whatever shipping charges you might accrue), which seems awful fair. Models are shipped as shown in the pictures and please don't hold me accountable for whatever gluing you might have to do from shipping. It won't be bad, I'll pack accordingly!

    I also have 40x High Elf Archers, which I'm selling for $46.00 for the lot. You just cover the shipping costs!IMG_1528.jpgIMG_1529.jpgIMG_1531.jpgIMG_1530.jpgIMG_1535.jpg

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    Hey there,
    Is this lot still available? Also, do you have pics of the models?
    When in doubt, more Bloodcrushers

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    I am interested in the High Elf Archers, I have never used LoBay before so whats the next step?

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