Hey all,
So I went on a buying spree about a year back at a local model swap and now i'm in the possession of an absolutely massive number of boyz, kanz, nobz, lootaz, etc. that I really have no clue what to do with. I'm interested in getting rid of some or all of the army in exchange for a reasonable trade or a good amount of cash. Either way, I'm very flexible on price (so long as the offers are not completely asinine) and I'm willing to entertain offers of any GW armies so long as they're not LOTR. None of the models are fully painted, some are grey others show signs of attempts at being painted and all stages in between. There are good amount of black reach orks amongst the mobs, but still a considerable number of regular box boyz. I haven't counted them recently, but the last time I tried to put my whole army onto a 4x6 it covered up over 1/2 of the table easily (probably closer to 3/4) and they were placed extremely close to one another. I also have a few custom vehicles from chimera and rhino bodies that could easily be turned into looted wagons, 10+ Killa Kanz, 3 or 4 Deff Dreadz, over 30 Nobz, 20-30 Lootaz and enough big shootas to fill out the mobs to 45+, 14 Deffkoptas, a ridiculous number of scratch built lobbas, kannons, and zzap guns, two ghazghulls, about 10 warbosses, a mek or two, and about 10 stormboyz. As far as transportation is concerned, I have an old apocalypse-army-sized army transport that I can sell to you as well that is missing one of the handles and has no foam in it. No joke, I honestly have to transport my army inside of it because I would need well over two of these same sized army transports with foam to transport MOST of my army at one time. I also have a smaller vehicle transport with red handles that has foam in it where I transport the nobz, warbosses and similar higher priced models (but lets be honest, I just need the extra space to actually fit my army).

SO: If you're interested, please post here or pm me what you want and what you're willing to pay/trade for the mobs. I am flexible, but please don't try to screw me around by offering 10 bucks for 30 boyz or something similarly herp-derp but along those lines.