Not done much in the hobby for a while and could do with some cash or a few bits to finish off my Imperial guard army.

Most of the stuff is painted ultramarine blue with ice blue trim, photos will be put up in the near future, if you are interested in something I would be happy to send you detailed photographs and descriptions of individual items.

Painted to table top standard - 2 Razorbacks w/ TL lascannons (can also be used as rhinos)

1x rhino lightly painted in parts blue/silver (missing top panel and a few track pieces.)

Painted to a good tabletop standard - 1 Drop pod w/ deathwind launcher (interior is just black dry brushed silver)

2x Mk1 whirlwinds (old style) One painted black with silver detailing, one undecoated ultramarine blue on the body (not on the metal parts)

2x Mk1 Razorbacks (old style) one TL lascannons, one TL heavy bolters Both painted to a simple/poor standard in ultramarine blue

(note: old style models may need a little TLC to get them table-top ready.)

4x land speeder, 2 with assault cannon and heavy bolter painted to a good table top standard, 1 painted ultramarine blue over a black undercoat, missing weapons and marines, needs a little TLC, 1 stripped of paint and assembled to resemble a crashed landspeeder (for terrain use)

Painted to a good tabletop standard and based(snow) - 2x assault on black reach dreadnoughts (the storm bolter on one has been replaced with a heavy flamer.)

Undercoated black with silver detailing - 5x vanguard veterans (metal box set) converted to all be equipped with bolt pistols and power swords (some pieces may need re-gluing/ pinning.)

9 assault marines, 5 undercoated black one with powerfist, 4 stripped of paint may need a little cleaning up and will need re-basing (bases can be supplied) 2 equipped with flamers (all models with equipment not described have bolt pistol/chainsword.)

Undercoated ultramarine blue, few models have guns/pipes/vents painted black and/or have ice blue details painted on - 9 Terminators w/ storm bolter + powerfist (assault on black reach but no sgts)

A whole ton load of Tactical marines in various states of painting, some poorly painted, some painted to good table top standard and some inbetween. - ask for more details

Metal arms and packs for devastators (or heavy weapon marines in tactical squads.) plasma cannon and heavy bolter.

Looking for:

Leman russes - battle tanks and demolishers, unassembled unpainted (preferably)

Valkrie to vendetta conversion kits

unpainted cadian infantry.

Thanks for having a look/read. Please give me offers on anything that looks interesting to you.