I am slimming down my Empire force and possibly starting up a Warriors of Chaos one. This is a widely ranging collection of models but is exclusively plastic unless mentioned. Some of the older models are painted at a tabletop or lower standard, but in most cases the paint coat is light and could be painted over or stripped easily. One thing to note is that many of the troops I'm selling were once part of larger units, and as such contain some unit fillers with less models than the base size they occupy. If this is the case, I'll indicate both the size of the unit and the actual number of models included, so that you don't feel you're being ripped off on numbers. Taking a close look at the pictures will also help you here.

I put prices up but they are of course negotiable, seeing as this is Bartertown. Message me with offers, and I will give discounts for combined deals.



-General on Griffon, converted. Basecoat and some detail painted. -$20
-War Altar, custom converted. Unpainted, and without horses or Lector. See picture- I lost interest in this project, but this is a really nice centrepiece for an army (much better than the terrible Volkmar model), just needs to be painted up. Includes a lectern for the Lector to stand in front of, and has a magnet inside it to hold the priest in place (if you put a magnet under his base). -$30

-29 Swordsmen with full command. 5 well painted Altdorf scheme, most basecoated. Several unit fillers, 21 actual models. -$25
-10 Crossbows, partially painted. Converted to look like milita/pirate crossbowmen. -$10
-13 Handgunners, 6th ed. tabletop painted.-$10
-16 Spearmen, 6th ed. tabletop painted -$10
-15 Flagellants primed, some converted with milita parts, without unit fillers means 12 models. -$20
-16 Greatswords primed with full command, without unit fillers means 13 models. -$25
-5 Pistoliers tabletop painted Middenheim scheme with muso -$20
-2 primed Pistoliers. -$5

-Mortar primed with crew -$15
-Helblaster, metal with crew painted tabletop- $20

-Finally, I have my unit of 5 Inner Circle Reiksguard knights. They are painted to a high standard with freehand work on almost all of them. One's head and body are not quite finished. I really like this unit but rarely play it so I thought I'd see if I could get a good price for it. I am hoping for at least $45, but make an offer and I will consider, especially if it's combined with a larger purchase.


Cash- Paypal is best

Warriors of Chaos, preferably new or unpainted. Looking for mainly knights and warriors, warhounds and a hellcannon. PM me with a deal.

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