Well. I am after a commission on what will be my center Tyranid unit, so it must be done well, and I don't trust myself enough for that

Anyway the model itself:

A Hive Tyrant (Finecast)
-Magnetized arm sockets
-Magnetized head slot
Some sort of custom tail to make it a bit more unique.

And the Bio-morphs:

2x Twin-linked devourers
2 Pairs of Scything Talons
2 Pairs of Bone Swords (For Swarmlord swap)
2x Heads (One normal and another for a Swarmlord swap if need be)
And some Balrog wings just to make it difficult.

Also, all above biomorphs need to be magnetizable if you have yet picked up on it (Including wings)

The paint scheme:
1. Undercoated white
2. Apply several washes of Gryphonne Sepia to the Tyrants "Skin" until a soft enough color emerges and there is no evident of the white undercoat. Keep the layer thin
3. Apply a several washes of Asurmen Blue to the carapace until it looms solid.
4. The claws/spikes/talons are washed with Badab black until an obsidian color emerges.
5. Baal red for the fleshy underlayers and mouth etc.
6. Pick out any remaining details white teeth etc.

Images of some of my Bugs with this scheme:
ImageShack Album - 9 images

Ideally I would prefer to pay for this commission with miniatures, as I have loads of unpainted goodies lying around, some of them are:

Space Marines:
About 20x Tatical marines
5x Devistators
2x Dreadnaughts
Some scouts

Full AoBR set

Wave Serpant
8x Howling Banshees
15x Dire Avengers
20x Guardians

Lizardmen (Warhammer Fantasy Battle)
10x Sarurs Warriors

Harad (LotR)
Loads of the basic infantry
10x Raiders

If you were after something specific give me a shout and ill see if I have it.

Anyway, either post below or send me a PM and we can talk further.