I was planning to start an Ork army and have decided against it. Dumping a lot of Ork stuff I picked up on eBay. Everything is new out of the box or unprimed, with small exceptions noted below. Looking to see what I can get for it all.

I have the following. If you want to see pics, happy to oblidge, but please let me know what you have to trade first.

1) Codex Orks

2) Ork Megaforce, including:
- 30 shoota boys
- 10 choppa boys
- 9 warbikers
- 5 lootas
- 1 Truck

3) Lots of AoBR Orks, including:
- 40 boys (20 are primed black and assembled)
- 10 Nobs (5 are primed black and assembled, 1 is painted to a high standard)
- 1 warboss
- 3 deffkoptas

4) A showbox filled with about 50 OOP orks, not sure what all of them are except they are mostly characters. All bare metal, do not appear to have been painted. Amongst the contents:
- some stormboys
- some wierdboys
- some bosses
- some nobs
- some painboys
- a warbuggy

5) 1 Boss model, limited edition, handed out at some AoR event. Still in blister.

Looking for more Chaos stuff. I have a pretty complete CSM army and what I am looking to add to it includes the following. Willing to trade for anything on this list, preferably unpainted.

- OOP models to give character to units. I like CSMs and Plague Marines especially.
- Thousand Sons, especially older models.
- Emperor's Children, especially older models.
- Heavy Support units. I am looking to add one or two Defilers, and open to other items.
- Daemons. There is an old Bloodthirster model I am fond of, the one with wings and a whip, that I would trade for. Also, the old Keeper of Secrets really inspires me.
- Forgeworld infantry and terminator parts.
- Forgeworld space marine armor, older versions.