Hey Guys,

I'm currently open for a few commissions. Just finished my own chaos army, and have completed the three local commissions that I had been working on. I'm hoping to code a website soon for my own store, commission outlet, and much more! I have a great assembler, and another painter in training. Really going for it; wish me luck. That being said, I need commissions to build reputation, and so on. The prices would be reasonable, as I'm just starting out. I'll do it all; including unboxing, building, painting, and basing your army, then sending you the finished product! I'll scale all the way down to single models if need be, as well. Turnaround would be very quick. If anyone is interested, wants to see pictures of previous work, or has questions about the process or logistics, let me know! (Really excited about this!)

Next: Necrons. I have a bunch of well painted Necrons on my shelf. Since the release looms over us, now is probably a good time to dump them. They are painted with the codex scheme, and only differ on the guns, where they have gold and black rifles. Also, they are not based, so a current basing scheme could easily be applied once purchased. (Pictures available upon request.) I have the following models for them:

7x Scarab Swarms
27x Necron Warriors
3x Necron Destroyers
2x Wraiths
1x Destroyer Lord
- Res Orb/Warscythe

1x Converted Necron Lord
- Res Orb/Destroyer Weapon (Huge Gaus Rifle thing; can't remember what it's called.)

Asking $220.00 (USD) for everything. Let me know!

Thanks for all the support!