Hi all,

Decided to have a bit of a clear out as we have just moved house and I no longer have a room for my Warhammer and other stuff, so something has to go! I have hardly used my Orcs recently so figured it should be them. I have the following, all of which is assembled but unpainted unless otherwise stated:


Grimgor Ironhide x1
Black Orc BSB assembled from the Black Orc kit and some extras x1
Goblin Shaman x1
Night Goblin Shaman x1
All the characters from the Night Goblin force in Battle for Skull Pass(BfSP)

Core Units;

Night Goblins with Spears and Shields x49 Including 34 from BfSP and 15 from the old kit
Night Goblins with bows including full command x20 from BfSP
Also lots of command units for the night goblins
Metal Fanatics x3
Spider Riders x8 From BfSP
Wolf Riders x10 with Full Command
Orc Arrer Boyz x16
Orc Boyz with Spears and Shields including Full command x18
Orc Boyz with 2 Hand Weapons including full command x19

Special Units;

Spear Chukkas x2 One is lightly converted
Black Orcs x19 Including Full Command assembled with an assortment of weapons to suit armed to da teef

Rare Units;

Troll from BfSP x1

Think that is all, will be willing to sell it all in one or in smaller bits if that's more popular! PM me if you are interested and we can discuss price/shipping etc.

I also have some Lizardmen that I would be willing to sell, not that much just 16 spear saurus, 16 hand weapon saurus, like 20 Skinks and a Slaan.