basically these have been sat in a box since about june last year and i'm sick of the site of them i don't use them anymore everything is painted to a table top standard.

Swap for roughly the same points or perticular models from:
Ogre Kingdoms
Tomb Kings
Orcs and Goblins
Warriors of Chaos
Warhammer 8th Rule Book(yes i currently play from what i can remember)
cash please feel free to make me offers


Dreadlord On a Cold One
Supreme Sorceress On a cold one
Sorceress on foot
Converted Woodelf on foot(just need to add boobs)
Malus DarkBlade

50ish Spearmen with sheilds and full com
40ish Xbow mean Full com
10 dark riders (8 converted from glade guard)
2 assassins

14 cold one knights full com
2 cold one chariots (have a spare that need attention)

2 reaper bolt throwers
2 hydras 1 needs beast masters i ment to order them but never did

so that what i have message me if we can work something out bare in mind i am from the UK