I have some fantasy models that I am parting with. I am willing to part it out, but I would rather sell it as a whole or each army by itself. if you have any questions do feel free to ask. Most of the Dark Elves are painted or partially painted. Archaon is mostly painted, and the Empire models are just base coated on most of the models. If you are interested, shoot me a PM.

Dark Elves:
9 spearmen(pewter)
9 crossbowmen(pewter)
10 wyche elves(pewter)
15 warriors(old plastic,single pose)
9 wyche elves(new, pewter)
16 warriors(new plastic)
15 Corsairs(older, pewter) + 3 command models
15 Corsairs(old, pewter)
5 executioners(command front rank box set)
15 Black Guard(old pewter, 3 command models)
4 Cold One Knights(pewter)(1 champ)
1 Cold One General(pewter)
1 Cold One General(plastic)
1 Sorceress on Cold One(plastic/pewter)
1 Sorcerer on foot(older, pewter)
11 Dark Riders(2 champs, 1 standard bearer)
1 Repeater Bolt Thrower
1 Black Dragon w/ Rakarth(old)

Archaon on steed(older, smaller version)

1 General on horse
30 gunners
32 spearmen
?5 command models
3 cannon teams
2 extra guys(spears or guns)
extra shields & sprues