Hello all! Don't know how many people play fantasy, but I'm looking to sell my Dark Elves army. This is what I currently have available and I would prefer to sell as a single lot.

Main Rulebook
Dark Elves Armybook
x24 Dark Elf Spearmen w/ Shields and Full Command
x20 Dark Elf Reapter Crossbowman
x20 Dark Elf Corsairs w/ Two Hand Weapons and Full Command
x5 Cold One Knights w/ Full Command
x10 Dark Elf Shades
x1 Dark Elf War Hydra
x1 Dark Elf Sorceress on Foot
x1 Dark Elf Sorceress on Cold One (old model)
x1 Dark Elf Sorceress on a Dark Pegasus

I will of course provide all of my movement trays I have available as well as all the extra sprues with unused bits. All but 3 of the spearmen are completely painted to a high quality with a red cloth on silver armor look that is different from traditional purples and still retains the dark elf feel. The Shades, Pegasus Sorceress, and Hydra have not yet been assembled. The rest of the models are assembled and primed black.

The Hydra has been painted by the previous owner, but not that well. Fortunately it's a metal model so stripping the paint is very easy to do.

For the Cold One sorceress. The Cold One model is ugly as sin (old version), but the sorceress herself is a nice model and fits well on the new Cold One models.

I am a decent painter as well. If, after purchasing the army, you would like me to finish painting it, I would be willing to do so for a fee that we can negotiate. However please be aware I have limited time to do so and it would take some time to do. If not, I can tell you how I went about the paint scheme.

The total point value for this army is anywhere from 1700-2000 depending on what gear and magic items you choose and is a highly competitive build. A good place to start a new fun or tournament army or add to an existing one.

Looking forward to hearing back from people.